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Plantar Fasciitis Information – Don’t Let It Happen Again! August 20, 2009

Unless one has had a bad case of runner’s heel, they aren’t usually seeking plantar fasciitis information, as it’s usually with a first diagnosis of this painful heel condition that the term is learned and the education begins. It’s said that experience is an education above all others, the experience of the searing pain of runner’s heal (plantar fasciitis is the medical term) is one never forgotten.

Even after healing and having a pain free heel for a year or more, the fear of having it happen again can remain. Believe me, I know!

Get your hands on a tennis ball (doesn’t have to be new or have lots of bound), this little one minute trick, along with wearing a night splint will be your insurance against a recurrence!

Either barefoot or just wearing a sock, stand up and place your foot on top of the tennis ball. Now, press downward onto the tennis ball with your foot and roll back and forth from your heel to the ball of your foot. Roll back and forth about 40 times and do it four to six times a day. That’s it!

Be sure to get a good night splint and be sure to use it every night. You’ll get a great return on the small investment.

Do your other exercises and stretches, watch your weight, wear shoes with good support (or insert orthotics) and be prudent with jumping, hiking, running and even extended walking.

If you do start to have even mild plantar fasciitis pain, go back to your full treatment schedule immediately and that means also, NO running, jumping, hiking or long periods of standing or walking.

Remember, don’t put off replacing your running or athletic shoes with a new pair when needed.

Treating plantar fasciitis at home can be easy and doing these couple of things after you’re better are even easier. They may sound so simple, yet, in my experience they help tremendously.

Happy heels to you!


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